Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kegembiraan yang dipinjamkan sekejap

Wordless Wednesday last 2 weeks..

test sndr kt umh..not so clear.sama mcm time g klinik

it was a day before Thaipusam holiday..but we just proceed to Ipoh because dh planned awal.but make it short to 1 night only sbb bad xpuas hati ngan Fair Park Hotel plus rase mcm xleh proceed utk aktiviti kt lost world tambun.balik Puchong and check with pakar O&G and confirmed but bila scan xnmpk.myb it's too early.in between for next appointment, bleeding terok then doc bg ubat utk kuatkan rahim n MC 4 days.at the same time i try do another test..

a week after..lbh clear

and also start..

C..how happy he is..
2nd check with doctor still x nmpk ape2.so doc suggest to do blood test..
Result of the test baru dpt smlm..comparison of 2 blood tests within 48hrs shows..the number of Beta HCG (HCG only can be detected if pregnant or cancer only) drop. There are 2 possibilities:
1) Keguguran
2) If the number of BHCG increase for the next test, means Kandungan Luar Rahim

Hopefully it is missed abortion, so low risk; no operations bagai..

So makna nya, i'll not getting baby for this time around. Mmg sedih but i do believe, everything yg Allah tentukan ada hikmah nya. At least i know, i blh preggy and rasa skjp kegembiraan org mengandung.Also a bit lucky sbb dpt detect awal. 

Saya redha..