Sunday, February 6, 2011

The latest updates..

1) Broadband kt cnih dh improved!better than bile kt opis..heaven!

2) CNY yg membosankan..stay kt umh je.both of us main PS3 sampai lebam.:)

3) last day of cutis both parents dtg visit cum give moral support.thanx ibu,ayah,abi & ummi!yg seronok mum yg masak..pajeri terung,ayam goreng,sambal belacan & suun petola.x ptut punye anak.but still memenatkan n priceless!

4) nasib baik esok (Monday) leh lepak2 kt umh lame sket before attend appointment with doc to do another blood test..then baru g keje.hope everything will be fine.hoping for the miracle from Allah.i feel better now..but sometimes mmg akan t'kenang sket..:(

Pray for the best!