Friday, July 16, 2010

Jumaat kesekian kali nya

Quite long time dh x coret2 kat blog nih..jgn kate nk type pape,jenguk pun nye dh nk msuk 3 bln.bnyk cerita utk ade yg almost lost memory!:).

tp yg plg xleh lupa..d moment my hubby fly to France.coz as of today..dia still kt sane.even tarikh blk x confirm lg, insyaallah..dia still akan blk by 16 august.ingt lg time dia g..ermmm..nangis x ingt!pastu plan2 nk g france cuti2 kt sana ikut dia pun x la plak nk cekau 15K..x b'baloi coz dia pun packed ngan i'm counting,excited to prepare dia nk blk..plan to buy belon bnyk2 ltak kt umh then ade dpt suggestion to buy helium ballon plak.but either way after more g keje jauh lame2 cmnih..penat weehh..psiko btol!

today..minyak naik lg.w/pun 5 sen je tp rs nye lpas nih akan keep momentum camtuh jela..n they start apply the rationalization subsidy mention in the newspaper,the reason why naik coz of golongan kaya n foreigner pun dpt skl subsidy.then what's d purpose of my card tuh?we can use that as a starts..or we are not prepare enough utk apply all those kind of device?hhhmmm...

this morning i went to mpsj..byr saman parking alg.when arrived there are almost numbers to go..kaunter bnyk tp...ermm...almost 2 hrs gak la waited.discounted 50%..but plg nyesal ssb x bwk skl bil cukai pintu..pasnih nk kena dtg lg...waaaa..!!!

selain dr counting utk hubby blk..i'm waiting for my new bf,midori (name given by mr hubby).application sume dh tgu midori utk kuar n show himself!hopefully leh dpt b4 hubby blk...:)

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