Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's time..

Fuh..Fuh..Fuh..Lamanya dah tak berblog!

My last post was right before I left my beloved proton.I left proton for the better's a big risk that i have to take to move forward.sedih memang sedih sbb i've been working with proton for 5 years and i met my husband there.but i can't live complacent and selagi i don't give it a try, i wouldn't know right?

then terus masuk tempat kerja baru and the hectic life begin. I had culture shock time mula2 masuk this new company..which is also automotive company.i felt isolated place,new environment,new friends and bosses..everything new la.i missed my old friend and place so much but i'm not regret's the challenge that i have to take.

the lifestyle in "N" company is so different with istilah relax2 mcm proton.staff pun tak ramai.but the good thing is i didn't take much time utk kenal ramai org,compared to proton.sorry to say..kt proton like ada istilah kroni2 sket.especially between org2 lama n baru..mcm ada gap.but not in this company..even u're new,everyone will welcome you with big hand.mottonye..kena buat baik dengan every1!:).

I've tried not to compare these both companies but i couldn't help it.However, everyone has their strength and weakness, pros and just how we manage it.

Unfortunately,saya hanya mampu bertahan for 2 months and half je. there are so many reasons behind it but it's too personal to disclose and i don't think i should do that.after had a long discussion with husband and both family members, i's one of the hardest decision that i've made.hard bukan apa,considering my commitment yang saya dan husband dh buat now, it's quite impossible utk berhenti kerja without any other back-up's not that i don't want to work,saya memang nak but not in that company.memang the salary is tooo good,but i've to let it go.

After found some alternative ways to sustain while applying for new job, here i am..berehat di rumah n menjaga husband.memang seronok but it's boring while my husband at work.saya rindu untuk bekerja..


KhaiRin : anies said...

Apa khabar?
Sihat ke?
Harap2 sihat + bahagia selalu…

KhaiRin : anies said...

apa khabar?

laaa ye ke?so jd suri rumahtangga sepenuh ms?
mcm mn ye rs nyer?
yelah setelah sekian lama bekerja dgn org, then lps tu 'bekerja' sendiri...
btw, all the best 4 u!

Myself said...

Hi Anies,
Saya baik2 sahaja..
seronok jd suri rumahtangga..yg x best sbb xde gaji masuk..hihih.
alhamdulillah sekarang dh start keje baru..